Parent company of Grupo Hispanas, Pizarras Hispanas S.L. made up of technicians and operators with a long professional career in the extraction and elaboration of the product. Different teams are responsible for the management of the various production stages: research, extraction, transformation and order handling, meeting our most demanding clients’ requirements with a long running natural product.

The high demand arisen due to the quality of the Spanish slate has led us to equip our company with the latest technologies. We have extended our extraction quarries in order to ensure the supplies to those countries where Hispanas is well established, such as Germany, France, Ireland and the UK, and to be able to develop new expansion plans with a long-term supply guarantee.



Working quarries: Carballeda de Valdeorras (Orense)
Reserve Quarry: San Vicente de Leira (Montouto)
Other quarries: Future exploitations with new Concessions.

Transformation plant:
Carretera de Santalavilla, Km. 7
24380 Puente de Domingo Flórez
Phone number: (34) 987 452 111

C/ Doctor Marañón, 7 – Ent. B
24400 Ponferrada - León – Spain
Phone number: (34) 987 429 060
Fax: (34) 987 402 103

Location map